Beautiful and Durable

Beautiful and Durable
March 4,2015
Posted by Alexandra

Nearly all of the art and objects that we see in the famous museums of the world are there thanks to their beauty and durability. However they are not made of hard modern-day acrylics or plastics, but rather from natural and often fragile materials. They have been cherished and cared for so well by the people who owned them through the ages, that their beauty has endured and we can continue to enjoy them today.


Alexander Lamont Lost Leaf bronze vessel

Bronze Lost Leaf Vessel


Our materials possess a natural beauty and they age gracefully when treated well. By respecting the individual characteristics of our materials, working them with skill and care, and giving attention to finish and detailing, we create strong and durable pieces for your collections. As they get older they change in subtle ways: the lacquer becomes more cured and takes on a lustrous sheen, the gold leaf darkens, the bronze patina deepens, the stingray skin fades to a subtler tone.


Alexander Lamont River Ledge Credenza in shagreen and bronze

River Ledge Credenza


We believe in the importance of ongoing care for the objects that we make. To assist you in this we wanted to bring to your attention our Care Guide that you can download from our website. It is our hope that when well looked after, our furniture, lighting pieces and objects will endure as a strong and beautiful presence in your home for many years to come.


Alexander Lamont dining table made of gold leaf, lacquer and bronze




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