The Designer Studio

The Designer Studio
December 9,2022
Posted by Alexandra Lamont

Alexander signs each unique Pleiades Vase – a limited edition collection from the Designer Studio


Within a leafy compound on the outskirts of Bangkok, behind a pair of old iron gates, lie the workshops and studio of Alexander Lamont. In this single location Alexander Lamont has brought together a rarefied group of decorative materials and craft skills that through his contemporary design sensibility, combine to make the pieces in his collections.


Alexander Lamont’s Bangkok Studio


Activity at the Alexander Lamont Workshops


Above the workshops where his collections are made is the designer’s studio. It is here that Alexander works with his research and development team, bringing to life new ideas through a process of continuous exploration and innovation of the materials he so loves.


To take something rare and beautiful that has been used for centuries – a shagreen skin, a lacquer technique, a precious metal for gilding - to push it a little bit further, and to bring it into the present through contemporary designs are the challenges that Alexander Lamont seeks and thrives upon.



The intricate art of eggshell lacquer at the Alexander Lamont Studio


Works in progress at the Alexander Lamont Lacquer Studio


If the workshop is the place where Alexander’s designs are realized, the studio is the laboratory where Alexander’s enlightened materiality begins. Central to the work of the design studio is the study and development of material finishes and techniques. The team works to perfect a traditional lacquer technique, or to bring a contemporary feel to an eggshell finish, or to create new colours and patterns in straw or shagreen.



Straw Marquetry is a signature material of Alexander Lamont: experiments in pattern, colour and technique are always ongoing


Out of the richness of this environment come exquisite, handmade, limited edition gifts and accessories showcasing the latest finishes mastered in the Studio. Inspired by beauty, nature and the legacies of craft the Studio produces rare signature gifts that can be found nowhere else in the world: decorative vessels in rich natural lacquer each one unique in soul and character, straw marquetry tissue boxes in an array of new colours, sparkling abalone shells embedded in a black natural lacquer box ; innovative shapes in bronze and rock crystal for the tabletop.



Nothing compares to the experience of holding in the hands an exquisite handmade object its surface alive with the energy and soul of those who made it. We cannot but fall in love with such objects. If you are in Bangkok anytime soon we hope you will visit our gallery to experience such love for yourself. But if not never fear. You can go to our Gift Shop and choose from the selection of Signature gifts available online.



Brass and bronze casting are important techniques in Alexander’s creative process. Here he is carving the words of a poem into the wax mold for the York Lantern. Below brass castings are prepared for patination.


Limited edition items from the Designer Studio


Alexander’s design inspiration comes from the objects of the past, their timeworn patina and character. He loves to spend time exploring the antique markets of Bangkok with his daughters.






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