Hardware - The 'Eyes' of the Cabinet

Hardware - The 'Eyes' of the Cabinet
May 31,2017
Posted by Alexander

"The door handle is the handshake of the building," said Finnish architect Juhani Pallasmaa. Hardware on furniture - cabinet and drawer pulls, hinges or escutcheons, can provide even more significant aspects in defining the piece. They could be considered the 'eyes' of the cabinet ... the 'hands' of the chest of drawers. Forms can vary from dramatically sculptural to clean and low-profiled - and everything in between. This is where you physically connect with the furniture - the parts that you touch and feel. We always work in bronze or brass using the warmth and freedom of lost-wax casting to make hardware that is extremely durable and that develops patina and character over time.  


Custom hardware is made for our own pieces and also on a special project basis. It is a vital design element expressing our craft values that enables us to design furniture where materials and design work on an equal footing to create pieces that we are proud to deliver to our clients. 


Alexander Lamont Octopus door handles in polished bronze

Polished lost wax cast octopus handles emerge from the coral patterned parchment surface of the Ocean Armoire.


Alexander Lamont bronze door handles Agata Cabinet

A large concentric bronze handle builds the linear pattern of the straw on the Agata Cabinet.


Alexander Lamont bronze hardware on River Ledge Credenza

Small winged drawer pulls and extended hinges compliment the shagreen of the River Ledge Credenza.  


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware on River Ledge Credenza



Alexander Lamont Capanema Cabinet with bronze pulls

Textured bronze pulls blend seemlessly into the design of the Capanema Nightstand


Alexander Lamont bespoke bronze hardware

Bamboo inspired door handles for our Sukhothai Hotel store.


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware

Custom handles for a mall in Bangkok.


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware at Central Embassy shop

Bronze wrapped door handles on our Central Embassy Shop.


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware

Twig inspired handles.


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware

Polished bronze and textured 'twine' pull.


Alexander Lamont bespoke hardware on Ocean Armoire

Octopus door handles in dark bronze complement the light toned Ocean Armoire. 


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