Just a Few of our Favourite Things

Just a Few of our Favourite Things
November 23,2016
Posted by Marion

Because there is no such thing as too much inspiration during this holiday season, we'd like to present a few of our favourite things. Here's to a thoughtful holiday with much light and joy. 


Alexander Lamont boxes Treasured boxes, top left to right: Masa Studio Box, Shagreen Chop Boxes and Bronze Seal Boxes.


Alexander Lamont Vessels

Sculptural vessels, far left to right: Shale Vessels, Black Orchid Maxillia Vase, Star Vessels and Lost Leaf Vessels.


Alexander Lamont animals

Animals as inspiration, top left to right: Owl, Silver Goose, Rabbit, Quail and Toads.


Alexander Lamont gilded items

Warm glow of gold, top left to right: Half moon votive, Essay Lantern, Gold Spring Bowls, Fire Vessels, Twisted Stem Vases and Hammered Bronze Bowls.


Alexander Lamont trays

Versatile trays, top left to right: Lagoon Tray, Scarpa Tray and Canoe Vessel.


Alexander Lamont Rock Crystal

Magical Crystal, top left to right:  Coupé Vessels, Vitrum Jars and Libation Cups.


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