The Story of the Reef Vessels and Boxes

The Story of the Reef Vessels and Boxes
August 4,2016
Posted by Alexander

Last blog post we presented the new Editions Spring 2016 collection. In the coming weeks we will write more about the story behind the individual pieces, the inspiration, the making of, the creative process. I always want to create elements that although headed for a domestic setting, contain and exude a strong sculptural, artistic aspect with no compromise. Whether put on a plinth or a bookshelf, they are strong and elemental and yet not hubristic. 


Alexander Lamont the making of the Reef Boxes

Tugging and tieing the Reef Box models. Very sore fingers for days after this!


The Reef Vessels and Boxes came about initially from the idea to see what happens if a vine grew around the pieces - the encircling, gripping tendrils naturally making lines around the pieces. The prototypes were not as strong as the idea I had so I decided to bind them instead with rope thus giving a similar sense but allowing the addition of knots and a human tension to be brought in and add interest. This tension and energy, evident in the entire collection, is exemplified through the pressures and tautness that went into tying the rope. 


Alexander Lamont making of Reef Vessels


Alexander Lamont the making of the Reef Vessels

Working on the Reef Vessels model.  This piece would then be hardened and then a mold taken in silicon before going to be cast in bronze. To see more about the lost-wax method, click here.


The final pieces evoke a meeting of organic and natural pressures that were sculpted quickly requiring tension to be held throughout. The bronze gives them a contrasting texture in the case of the boxes (the rope and the surface beneath) while the vessels reveal the smooth interior and the vacuum within - the ropes having lost their ‘victim’.


Alexander Lamont Reef Box in bronze Throughout the entire collection, I wanted to convey something of a modern fetish - objects endowed with power and potency.


Alexander Lamont Reef Vessels in bronze

Reef Vessels in a trio of sizes.

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