A Blog is Born

A Blog is Born
November 26,2014
Posted by Alexander
I am very pleased to let you know that the ‘Alexander Lamont’ Blog is being launched today.  The company is now almost 15 years old which seems old enough to wish to share with you some interesting observations into this complex and fascinating enterprise that was started with the very simple aspiration: to make original and beautiful things combining uncompromisingly exquisite materials and exceptional craftsmanship.
(Photographs are from a selection of materials and objects that are currently in various stages of production in our workshop. We will be sharing some of these stories in the near future. Please scroll down to continue reading.) 
alexander lamont parchment tie dye workshop
alexander lamont bronze bird workshop
alexander lamont rock crystal gold leaf yan li pao workshop
The ‘machine’ of this business is found to the north of Bangkok, capital city of Thailand. We have our workshops, warehouses, design and development studio, sales and marketing offices, trade showrooms and various other components here. Things happen quickly and new creations emerge every week so this blog will allow anyone interested to have a rare look under the skin of the company. For friends of the company, we want to show our projects, experiences, inspirations and ideas as they turn into the objects, lighting and furniture that have been described as having the character of ‘things that live at the meeting point of art and design’. There will be a weekly posting written either by myself, Alexandra or Marion who make up our marketing department.  Most important to me is that our friends are able to have a closer, more intimate understanding of who we are as a creative force. Why do these few materials matter so much to us? Why pursue techniques that are so patently difficult and ‘out of the past’? What does ‘craftsmanship’ really mean to us? Where are we going in terms of new collections and new designs in moving these wonderful traditional mediums in new and contemporary directions?  
alexander lamont shagreen table surface workshop
alexander lamont lacquer egghsell vase
alexander lamont bronze gold leaf workshop
It is not easy running any small business. There are thousands of small difficult decisions that in their totality define the brand and character of every company. It is certainly more difficult working across languages and cultures, making fine things in heat and humidity, controlling and producing in-house every aspect of the brand from original idea to shop design.  To find simplicity and beauty in this complexity provides for a wonderful narrative – both textural and visual. 
If you want to share this journey then the blog will take you through our rituals and inner workings right into the pieces themselves; the hows and whys and what fors. I have found this journey, my life’s work, to be endlessly fascinating and surprising. In working with my wonderful team I will bring you something memorable each week that will allow the light from this realm to reach those outside. 
alexander lamont lacquer vase workshop
alexander lamont bronze gold leaf wall sconce workshop
alexander lamont bronze candleholder


Congratulations, Alexander. Living now so far from Bangkok, we miss our visits to your stores and this is a great way to keep us in touch with your extraordinary collection! Thank you.
I shall add you to my links list.
Great images, I'll look forward to reading more as the weeks and months progress.
Hi Alex, Always enjoying the newsletters and the interesting information containing. all the best, ton
Great idea. We will look forward to your blog and the insights into your creative teams activities. We love your designs and make a point of dropping into your shops at the Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok and Phuket during our regular trips to Thailand.
i have long admired the organic forms and stunning creations-- thank you for allowing me to participate in the process!
This is lovely, Alexander, and I am so thrilled to think I shall have this breath of quiet, deep creativity each week. A life enhancer. Thanks to you and Alexandra. Lisa
I found two stools that you no longer make ... Good news ! You have a secondary market ... Arnaud Brunel
So looking forward to following all the lovely things you produce closely.
Thank you for sharing this. I am looking forward reading the blog. I was always enjoyed reading your newsletter. Please keep on creating these beautiful objects. Thank you for making our homes and life more beautiful.
The one and only blog I will allow in my mailbox. Look forward to every one.
I love your pieces and the craftmanship!!!
Congratulations on your new Blog. Thank you for taking the time to develop it and to share your artistic vision with us. I was introduced to your work via a brief visit to Gump's of San Francisco via their website. I fell in love with your Gold Sun Disk Candle holder. Your newer design called Pod is also charming in its more organic expression.. I love contemporary Asian design elements and you integrate them beautifully in your work. Thank you for all you do. Blessings to you this Thanksgiving season also............Leah
Congratulations Alex and team. Love your designs and materials and my two hammered bronze/gold bowls purchased on holiday this year. Just wish you were more accessible in the UK. Best wishes for your continued success.
Dear. Alexander I am long time no go Thailand , but I like Bangkok the friendly city . and your store very nice ,If I have chance to go Bangkok I will visiting your shop.....
Thank you for your kind words. It's always interesting to receive feedback from our friends near and far. I look forward to sharing more stories with you and to continuing our conversation. Warm regards.
Whenever I am in Bangkok I stop at your store at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Several years back I started purchasing an item or two whenever I was there. I am looking forward to my next trip to Bangkok, hopefully in the near future, as your ravens and fantail fish in the 2015 offerings are very intriguing. Though I do miss Paula who was at the M.O. store I love all the different items that you offer. Continued luck with your on-going presentations.

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