Gifts that keep Giving

Gifts that keep Giving
November 24,2023
Posted by Alexandra Lamont


In today's world there is a growing conversation about the role of design in our highly industrialized society, and the importance of sustainable materials, fine craftsmanship and form integrated with function. More and more people are embracing the beauty and function of everyday objects made with natural materials and the work of human hand and eye.


Christmas events at Alexander Lamont Gallery 


During the festive season we search for gifts that are special, personal, not mass made in automated factories, but made carefully, by hand within a human environment. We want gifts that not only bring joy in the first happy moment, but also endure as a beloved object, a memento, to be treasured for years to come. This is the intention in all of Alexander Lamont’s work. To create gifts that keep on giving a sense of pleasure, of discovery, of human connection.


Eggshell craft demonstration 


Gilding technique using Gold leaf crafted in our warehouse 


The Alexander Lamont Studio is the heart of the company where the designer’s creative explorations begin. Our pieces are born of a journey of discovery:  from inspiration, form, and material, through the detailed rituals of craft, the patient work of human hand, to the end piece imbued with its own beauty and spirit. When you take home one of our creations the journey of discovery continues as the natural patina of the piece changes over time and its spirit and character becomes part of the household.


Bosphorous tray 


Central to the work of the design studio is the study and development of material finishes and techniques. The team works to perfect a traditional lacquer technique, or to develop an entirely new material, or to bring a contemporary feel to an eggshell finish, or to mix vibrant new colours and patterns in straw or shagreen.

Out of this rich creative life of the Studio come exquisite, handmade gifts inspired by beauty, nature, and the legacies of craft: decorative vessels and trays in rich natural lacquer each one unique in soul and character, straw marquetry boxes in an array of colours, intricately decorated vessels in eggshell urushi lacquer, innovative shapes in bronze and metal inlay and rock crystal for the tabletop.


Brule Boxes


Feast your eyes on our festive offerings and visit our online gift shop for more information. Or even better come to see us in person at our Bangkok gallery where you can see and touch and be drawn to that special gift.


Bidri Vases


Buoy Boxes


Havana Boxes


Pebble Boxes


Quotidien Boxes


Pekoe Boxes


Frond tissue Boxes 


Gilded Scallops


Cruiser Collection


Cicada Votive


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