Nature, Ritual, Craft – Introducing our Spring Collections 2024

Nature, Ritual, Craft – Introducing our Spring Collections 2024
February 16,2024
Posted by Alexander Lamont



Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent van Gogh


Nature is central to the work of any artist. Nature offers texture, colour, light and shadow. It also offers endless inspiration derived from its raw beauty and the mysteries of the cycle of life. Yet whatever materials or inspiration an artist may reap from nature, making objects of beauty and character is not a simple process. Inspiration is just the beginning – it’s the brief spark of an idea, of a vision, a line drawn on a page. To actually achieve that curved line, that subtly textured surface, that depth of colour or reflective finish requires commitment of time and spirit, and a willingness to fail. It requires a patient and curious mind and a deep respect for nature and the rituals of craft.


A new finish in straw marquetry developed in our workshop comes together piece by piece


At Alexander Lamont’s workshops, the craftsmanship and the work of our artisans form an integral part of each one of our designs. Creative director Alexander has daily contact with the artisans, and the designs emerge from an ongoing dialogue between designer and artisan in the exploration and innovation of our materials. Each of our designs is transformed from raw material to finished product through many stages, by the hands of many artisans and over many hours. Each piece is the expression of a journey from an idea, through form and material, through the detailed rituals of craft, to the end piece imbued with its own beauty and spirit.


Alexander with Khun Chartri, head of our Shagreen and Parchment workshop


Alexander is ever in pursuit of new and contemporary expressions of a group of noble artisanal materials that have been used for centuries. In his collections for Spring 2024 a great deal of development has gone into the surface, reinventing and revolutionizing tone, colour, texture and spirit using the same materials and techniques. Straw marquetry, shagreen, parchment, gesso, gilding, mica and natural lacquer are pushed to fresh new heights to excite and energize the emerging designers of today, as much as they did the seminal designers of the early 20th century.


The Cicada Collection - Spring 2024




This Spring iconic designs from Alexander Lamont’s core collections are reborn for contemporary lifestyles in fresh new colours, materials and tone-on-tone finishes, while a selection of sumptuous straw marquetry textures for vertical surfaces is introduced as part of the Le Mur collection.

From warm neutrals to soft celadons and blues through to vivid coral, shimmering ebony and silver, the new collections expand the palette of colours available, and also brings new textures and materials.


Maluku Table Lamp in Leaf Green Parchment


Canoas Sconce in White Bronze


Ammonite Side Tables in Natural Horn


Pave Side Tables in Burnished Brass


Amadeo Cabinet in Celadon Straw Marquetry


Le Mur


Created for the Le Mur “Studio” collection these fresh and exciting patterns in straw marquetry are an ode to the beauty and ingenuity of nature as reflected in human creativity. Contemporary, textured, and richly patterned, these new introductions present strong yet quiet designs that change gently with light and movement.


Embers II in Coral Straw Marquetry


Tortuga in Straw Marquetry 


Lago II in a soft mix of blues and neutrals - Straw Marquetry


Lago III shimmering silver and ebony in Straw marquetry


Escarpa designed by Antonio da Motta for Alexander Lamont - a mezmerising flow of rocky lines in pale Straw Marquetry


Each design in Alexander Lamont’s collections is brought to life through the transformative energy of human hand and eye, through the mastery of timeless skills and techniques and an uncompromising respect for the rituals of craft. In our workshops van Gogh’s words ring true every day as the patient work of our artisans over many hours comes together to create great and enduring objects of beauty and character.


Alexander Lamont in Rue de Seine Paris 



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