Le Mur - Launch of Wall Paneling

Le Mur - Launch of Wall Paneling
June 12,2014
Posted by Alexandra

In  June 2014, we presented our first limited wall covering collection Le Mur using two signature materials - straw marquetry and shagreen


The Ligne and Étoile collections offer hand-applied natural straw marquetry while raw shagreen is highlighted in the Perle collection. These rare and natural materials create exquisite plains of colour, texture and movement of reflected light.  Using techniques mastered over several years, Alex developed a method for inlaying slivers of rye straw and panes of raw stingray skin into rigid panels that can be directly applied to vertical surfaces using standard application methods for wall panels.


Le Mur Wall Panels create surfaces that resonate with the traditions of the past and bring plains of colour, gentle reflective movement and textured interiors that call out to be touched and admired.


alexander lamont straw marquetry ligne wall paneling

Ligne Panels in Beechwood Straw Marquetry.  


alexander lamont ligne straw marquetry wall paneling le mur

Ligne Panels applied vertically.


alexander lamont straw marquetry etoile wall paneling

Étoile Panels in Beechwood Straw Marquetry


alexander lamont straw marquetry etoile le mur wall paneling

Étoile panels in Bronze Straw Marquetry


alexander lamont shagreen wall paneling le mur

Perle Tiles in Natural Chocolate Shagreen


alexander lamont shagreen wall paneling perle speckle

Perle Tiles in Natural Speckle Shagreen



Dear Sir I am interested in ur Étoile Panels in Beechwood Straw Marquetry could u pls provide me with prices of larger size panels thank u pierre
Many thanks for your message and interest in our Straw Marquetry wall panels. If you could contact enquiries@alexanderlamont.com someone will further assist you.
Dear Sir: At present, our company need two pieces of material sample, Étoile panels in Bronze Straw Marquetry & Étoile Panels in Beechwood Straw Marquetry。 Please contact us as soon as possible from our nearest supplier. THANK YOU! I'M RICA LEE. tel:+86 189-5710-8853 Andy ZON STUDIO ,IN HANGZHOU ,IN CHINA. Add:Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province China Xihu District Road No. 139 (Dongxin and Park) 70.
Dear Ms. Rica Lee, thank you very much for your interest in our wall panels. If you cold please write to enquiries@alexanderlamont.com someone will assist you. Kind regards

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