Collectable Tissue Boxes - Hand Made by Design

Collectable Tissue Boxes - Hand Made by Design
September 9,2016
Posted by Marion

This fall Alexander Lamont presents a Limited Edition collection of handcrafted tissue boxes wrapped in their signature materials of shagreen, parchment and straw marquetry. 


A perfect balance of elegance and function, the collection is comprised of 18 oak boxes, each individually constructed and hand-finished in luxurious materials that speak to timeless elegance. The distinctive pattern, handmade nature and limited quantity of each box yield a truly original piece. Bringing both beauty and function to any space, the tissue box has never looked so refined.


Alexander Lamont straw marquetry tissue box

Long box in a bold straw marquetry design.


Alexander Lamont Limited Edition Tissue Box CollectionBoxes seen here in suji parchment, straw marquetry and ivory parchment.


Alexander Lamont tissue boxes

Long tissue boxes in ivory shagreen, straw marquetry and chocolate shagreen.


Alexander Lamont shagreen tissue box

Boutique tissue box in chocolate shagreen triangles.


Alexander Lamont tissue box collection

The underside of the boxes with the Alexander Lamont logo in bronze. Every piece is sealed with a sliding panel with invisible magnetic clasp to prevent accidental opening. 


Hi I would like to order two tissue box in chocolate shagreen (oblongness).
Many thanks for your interest in our tissue boxes. If you could please write to, our sales team can help you.

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