Custom Project - Bronzed Shagreen

Custom Project - Bronzed Shagreen
December 31,2016
Posted by Marion

One side to our business that we haven't shared a lot about on this blog is our custom, bespoke work. Over the years we have shared material expertise and technical know-how with interior decorators and designers to create unique pieces for homes, hotels and shops around the world. It's always exciting to work with new ideas and design inspiration that challenge and prove rewarding in so many ways.


A few months back we were priviliged to partner with Bergdorf Goodman in the renovation of their main floor womenswear store. More specifically, our bronzed shagreen finish that appears on the Alexandria Salon table and our Mighty Coffee Table was used to create three console tables in the design of our Kertas Console. This textured and luxurious material combination makes for an extremely durable surface that will last for years to come. The process entails selecting beautiful stingray skins and casting their beaded texture in bronze and then finishing with a flame-applied patina. You can read more about this signature material here.


Looking forward to a trip to New York City and a walk through this iconic department store. Many thanks for your readership and Happy New Year to all!    

 Alexander Lamont bronzed shagreen


Alexander Lamont bronzed shagreen consoles custom project


Alexander Lamont bronzed shagreen console detail shot


Bergdorf Goodman main floor bronzed console tables by Alexander Lamont

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