Bronzed Shagreen

Bronzed Shagreen
April 1,2015
Posted by Marion

Our two most iconic materials are blended together to make one of our own development; the elegant, durable and timeless signature material, Bronzed Shagreen.  The process entails selecting beautiful stingray skins and casting their beaded texture in bronze and then finishing with a flame-applied patina.  Bronzed shagreen combines the rich, deep metallic allure of bronze with the myriad dimples of shagreen to make a visually rich and unique material that envelops furniture with character and flare.


Alexander Lamont bronzed shagreen workshop

In our workshop the patina is a flame-applied finish that is then finished by hand in order to achieve the desired colour and finish.


It’s durability makes for a splendid table surface.  We currently have in our collection two tables that showcase this unique material. The acclaimed Alexandria Salon Table is finished in a rich antiqued patina.  Raised on hexagonal tapered wooden legs in black lacquer and with a heavy bronze cast base, the table is strikingly architectural.


Alexander Lamont Alexandria table in bronzed shagreen with brass and lacquer base

Bronzed Shagreen surface of the Alexandria Salon table


Alexander Lamont bronze shagreen Alexandria Table with brass and lacquer base

Alexandria Salon table


The Mighty Table is a monumental block of Bronzed Shagreen that sits on four mighty legs of reclaimed wood. The table top is finished with a deep flax gold patina that creates a mesmerizing beaded texture.  The legs can sit at the outer edges or stand inset in the centre.  


Alexander Lamont Mighty Table with bronzed shagreen surface

Mighty Table with the base inset in centre and bronzed shagreen surface finished in flax gold patina .


Alexander Lamont Mighty Table with bronzed shagreen tabletop

Mightly Table with wooden legs at the outer edges.


Bronzed Shagreen is an Alexander Lamont material developed in-house that exudes both a sense of simplicity and also grandeur. It is also a popular choice for custom orders in furniture. 



we own many pieces of Lamont's pieces , our bronzed shagreen box is one of of my favorite , the Peking glass Will be my next obsession / I see I need to take another trip soon .
Hello Alexander, we look forward to welcoming you back to our shops - open everyday 10am - 8pm. Have you visited our new store in Central Embassy? It is a new concept interior with many beautiful materials adorning the interior plus a special mural with inlaid abalone, mother-of-pearl, various gold leafs and black lacquer. In the basement of the mall is an incredible food court designed to celebrate the distinct regional cuisines of Thailand. Kind regards, Alex

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