Welcome Back to the Alexander Lamont Gallery

After a quiet three-years, Bangkok is bustling again. Many are escaping a cold winter to journey towards the warmth and sunshine of […]

Talad Noi: A Journey into Old Bangkok

Many people coming to Bangkok for the first time are quite shocked by its incredible urban intensity. Where is the gentle Thai […]

A Siamese Road trip – into the heart of colour and history

This is a picture essay of a road trip I organized with friends to the furthest east point of Thailand. We went […]

The Nakasendo Trail

Back in December in the Japan Shopping post I mentioned that I would soon write more about The Nakasendo Trail.  The trail or Central […]

Japan Shopping – The Edit

As Alex’s wife and partner in business it is somewhat confusing that we both have the same name. But I hope you […]

The Lucky Lanterns of Malacca

A while ago I visited Malacca with Alexandra my wife. Yes, we are known by our friends as ‘the Alexes’. This trip […]

New Pathways in Vietnam

I spent last week in Vietnam meeting with lacquer artists and friends. I first visited Vietnam in 1995. That was after many […]

Australia – The Dry Sea

Western Australia could swallow the entire United Kingdom, Texas and Japan together within its borders – with none of them touching and […]

Thailand – First Impressions

I first visited Thailand in 1981 with my family. My father bought antiques and traditional folk art for our family business in […]

Impressive Shanghai

Gong Hey Fat Choy or Gong Xi Fa Cai to our readers who celebrate Chinese New Year. 2015 brings in the Year of the Sheep […]
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