Mica – The Iridescent Mineral

Mica is among the most beautiful materials nature has provided. Neither a stone nor a resin, it belongs to an important class […]

A Sense of Touch – Exquisite Swatches

Our company’s design and creative energy is deeply rooted in touch. There is no substitute for the cool, smooth surface of gesso; […]

Beneath the Veneer

As we may have mentioned before, it is truly difficult to improve on nature. Natural wood is a thing of great beauty. […]

Gilded Bronze

We have written recently about the making of gold leaf and about the lost-wax bronze casting method we employ, this week we bring them together to […]

Carved Crystal – a Very Human Love Affair

The beauty and power of rock crystal has been cherished for millennia across different cultures. It has been an important element in […]
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