Negoro Landscapes :: The glowing highs and lows of natural lacquer

In the mid to late 1500s the Portuguese Jesuit missionary, Father Gaspar Vilela came to Negoro in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. […]

The Spin Bowls

The Spin Bowls are our latest lacquerware creation. Simple yet complex; terraces of linear lines create arounded form onto which numerous layers […]

The Layered Life of Lacquer

The art of lacquer is one of the alchemical and seemingly elusive techniques found in the decorative arts. It has its origins […]

The Art of Eggshell Inlay

Eggshell has been an obsession of mine recently. It is the strongest and yet most delicate material. The work itself is satisfying […]

The Art of Lacquer

I have pursued¬†lacquer¬†for decades: the fabled material that lies between East and West, Kyoto and Paris. It is to my eyes the […]
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