Welcome to the Alexander Lamont Blog. Alexander Lamont is dedicated to meticulous workmanship, contemporary design and rare materials. We specialize in furniture, wall-coverings, lighting, objects and gifts all handcrafted from precious materials such as shagreen, parchment, straw marquetry, lacquer, gold and silver leaf, Peking glass, rock crystal and bronze. There are six Alexander Lamont shops in Thailand and we have distribution in the U.S., China and Japan. Our work can be found in famous hotels worldwide, commissioned projects for luxury retailers and private homes of distinguished individuals.

When you subscribe to our blog you will gain a closer look at Alexander Lamont’s world and share in the energy of our creative process, inspiration, people and happenings. We like to think of the blog as a café table, one that has been beautifully inlaid with gilded shagreen, around which we can have a chat, share stories and get to know each other better. We want to hear from you too.

Our world of materials and design is run by people – from our Artistic Director, Alexander Lamont, to the artisans who make our pieces in our workshop to the sales personnel who serve you in our stores, we will share some of their stories on the Blog. Creative work is driven by ideas and inspiration: on the Blog we will write about our admiration for the past masters of the Decorative Arts, for the artists and designers who inspire us as well as for the highly skilled craftspeople we work with today. You will also come with us on our travels, which are a constant source of ideas and stimuli.

Thank you for joining us and we hope you will enjoy reading the Alexander Lamont Blog. We look forward to meeting you at our gilded café table.

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