Lapis Tables, Volta Mirror and Plume Lamps

Lapis Tables, Volta Mirror and Plume Lamps
May 4,2020
Posted by Hiroyuki Namba
Alex spent part of his childhood in Africa growing up in a village in Kenya while his father worked there as a missionary. The local markets were filled with folk art, jewellery, wooden carved pieces and baskets that would always surround Alex in his home even after the family returned to England. These memories of childhood are woven into the inspiration for Sirena, the new collection from Alexander Lamont that invokes the power of objects and the myths, forms and colours of Africa.
A select group of pieces from Alexander Lamont’s Sirena collection, inspired by the myths, forms and colours of Africa
Lapis Tables
This pair of side tables glows with semi-precious tones and vibrant textures. Rubbed lacquer tops of irregular form in turquoise and lapis lazuli sit upon bronze legs cast from rye straw to create an alluring structural piece.
Sirena - Lapis: The Lapis Side Tables from Sirena collection



These pieces bring jewel-like colour and accent into the home and the allure of distant journeys and memories.


Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise Lacquer finish this pair of jewel-like side tables.



Volta Mirror – Gradient Straw
The African dawn is a miraculous thing to witness as it brings a slow light into the cold, misty beginnings of the day like a rising mirage.  In the Volta Mirror, straw marquetry pulses in subtle ombre tones within a patinated brass frame.
The Volta Mirror creates a mystical light in the room.



This elegant mirror frame creates a mystical light and atmosphere within a room evoking distant lands and exotic sounds of sunrise.

The ombre straw marquetry of the Volta Mirror frame.



Plume Lamps
The colours of the earth are hand-dyed into fine ribbons of straw marquetry from ebony to pale. These are intricately inlaid onto the surface of the Plume Lamps to create a feathered pattern in smokey, rising tones. The natural reflective quality of the straw marquetry ribbons beautifully enhances the light whether the lamps are lit or not.
Each lamp rests on a dark patinated bronze base.
The Plume Lamps are elegant and intricate at the same time.
Earthy and smokey tones of straw marquetry.
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