Luminous Iridescence - Venice Panels

Luminous Iridescence - Venice Panels
April 2,2022
Posted by Alexandra Lamont


This Spring Alexander Lamont introduces a new material as part of the Le Mur collection of wall panels: shimmering mica.
Venice Panels are statements of old-world craftsmanship and elegance, the epitome of glamour and refinement. Like an ancient mirror or surface of nacre, light shines and gleams from the mineral surface within either cool Pewter tones or Deep Amber warmth. Made by hand piece-by-piece, small mica mineral sections are composed into accent walls that create a captivating, yet stately, atmosphere.
Venice Deep Amber and Pewter Mica.
Craftsmanship re-imagined for contemporary interiors
Alexander Lamont’s Le Mur wall panels allow designers to infuse spaces with exquisite handwork, texture and dimensionality. Vertical surfaces are brought to life with precious shagreen, smooth-burnished gesso, luscious straw marquetry and shimmering mica.
The Le Mur Classics Collection presents Alexander Lamont’s signature materials and finishes in their purest form. The Venice Panels in Pewter and Deep Amber Mica join this group. With their simple designs and understated colourways the Le Mur Classics create elegant interiors that are enhanced by the texture, depth and quiet luxe of crafted precious materials.
Download our digital Le Mur Catalogue here or go to our website.
Delta Collection and Le Mur Étoile Beechwood Straw Marquetry from Classic Collection.

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