Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces
April 15,2015
Posted by Alexandra

This spring we have added four new wall sconce designs to our lighting collection.  Proper lighting is essential in creating the atmosphere and feel for a room and the best rooms always have a good mix of light coming from various sources.  Wall sconce lighting serves the dual purpose of providing ambient light and making a design statement.

Alexander Lamont Hourglass Bronze and gold leaf wall sconce

Hourglass Sconce in bronze and gold leaf.


Inspired by the idea of an eclipse, the Hourglass Sconce plays with the idea of covered light.  The black inset droplet redistributes the glow of the light beneath and draws the eye towards it.


Alexander Lamont Marquis Sconce in bronze

Marquis Sconce has a richly textured bronze surface.


Named after the elongated diamond cut, the Marquis Sconce creates shafts of light emanating in lines and points.  It’s richly textured bronze façade makes it an intriguing wall sculpture as well as a light.


Alexander Lamont Lacuna Wall Sconce in bronze and gold leaf

The Lacuna Sconce in bronze with a gold leaf lined circular base.


Inspired by the rounded front piece of a classic car, the Lacuna Sconce resonates the strong fluid lines and generous curves of a Bugatti while creating beautiful shafts of light and shadow.  The narrow gap at the front of the Lacuna emits the warm glow of the gold leaf behind. 


Alexander Lamont Archer Wall Sconce in bronze with shagreen lampshade lined with gold leaf

Archer Sconce in sculpted bronze and shagreen lampshade lined with gold leaf.


Reminiscent of an archer clasping his bow, the Archer Sconce has a richly textured, bronze stem held by a bronze handle and place attached to the wall.  The sconce is finished with a shagreen shade lined with pure gold.  A classic lighting design re-interpreted through the sculptural qualities of bronze. 

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