Alexander Lamont Co-Sponsors WOW!house 2023

2 June 2023 Posted by Alexandra Lamont

Alexander Lamont returns to WOW!house 2023

Alexander Lamont is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Miles de Lange, Lauren Hwang NY, and Timothy Mather Design to showcase ”A Transcendental Lounge” at the much-awaited WOW!house 2023.

The event is scheduled for its second edition on June 5th at the prestigious Design Centre Chelsea Harbour London, allowing attendees to experience the perfect blend of luxury and design aesthetics for the full month of June until July 6th.

The space, dubbed ”A Transcendental Lounge,” is set to open this June 5th at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, featuring a room that will take visitors to an intimate and exotic space beyond time and place.

The room was conceived, designed and realised by Timothy Mather, who drew inspiration from Paris in the 1920’s. The Transcendental Lounge brings an eclectic mix of bronze and parchment, straw and gold, silk and shagreen, stone and mohair all brought together for a warm and sensual ambience. ”I have re-imagined the day room as a transcendental lounge where the Jazz Age meets New Age,” says designer Timothy Mather. ”An inner sanctum to rest, re-energize, daydream, astral travel or even have a dangerous liaison – you decide.”

Alexander Lamont’s passion for decorative materials of the 1920s makes his addition to the exhibit a natural choice. Lamont has spent his lifetime perfecting and innovating hand-applied techniques for straw marquetry, shagreen, parchment, bronze, and mica, making his pieces perfect to Mather’s vision. Together, they curated a selection of furniture, lighting, and decorative elements that express the room’s warmth, intimacy, and free-spirited elegance.

The Day Room exudes texture and luxe, with straw marquetry in Lamont’s signature finish contrasting beautifully with parchment. Of note, boldly cast sculptural bronze sits alongside delicate mica, playing with amber and silver tones.

Alexander Lamont said: ”I am delighted to see the seamless pairing of our intricately crafted pieces with Lauren Hwang’s exquisite fabrics. Tim has imagined a wonderful, dreamy space that brings out the warmth and richness of our signature materials”

The WOW!house 2023 exhibit promises to be a feast for the eyes, with beauty, craftsmanship, and quality infused in every element. The Transcendental Lounge, meticulously designed by Timothy Mather is an excellent addition to the exhibition, showcasing how beauty can easily transcend time and place.

From left to right: Timothy Mather, Lauren Hwang, Miles de Lange and Alexander Lamont
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