Ikebana by Naomi

7 January 2015 Posted by Marion

Watching Naomi Daimaru create an Ikebana floral arrangement elicits an immediate appreciation for nature.  Working in reflective silence and taking the time to quietly admire, appreciate and carefully position each stem is an exercise in beauty and skill.  Naomi has been creating Alexander Lamont’s in-store floral arrangements for over 4 years and her work is regularly featured in our catalogues, brochures and other marketing materials.

We often use the delicate art of Ikebana in our stores as a counterpoint to the weight and character of our pieces, and to underscore the natural spirit and discipline of what we do.  Trained in the Ohara School of Ikebana, Naomi’s work emphasizes seasonal qualities, natural growth and is strongly inspired by the beauty of natural environments.

Her first training was in her native Japan where she received instruction in wedding arrangements from the famous floral designer, Daniel Ost.  But it was not after earning her college degree in San Diego, California that she became more deeply fascinated with Ikebana. She went on to study with Professor Akiko Bourland at the Ohara School of Ikebana, San Diego Chapter in the United States. The Ohara School of Ikebana emphasizes an adherence to nature, free form and human expression, unlike other schools of Ikebana that take a more rigidly disciplined approach to form and style. 

Naomi arrived in Bangkok over 9 years ago, where she came to teach Ikebana at Chulalongkorn University.  She currently has a flourishing career as a free-lance stylist for publications, special projects, shops and restaurant floral decorations, and even finding time to teach Ikebana and floral arrangement.

The meeting of Alexander’s sculptural vessels and Naomi’s talent was a natural and harmonious union.  Alex immediately recognized that Naomi’s expert use of flowers and natural materials such as withered leaves, seed pods, branches, grasses, moss and even spices were the perfect foil to the bold organic vessels he is known for.
For Naomi, flowers convey emotions and allow for personal expression.  Inspired by her own emotions, the weather, the colours at the flower market and of course nature, she draws from a deep pool of creativity to bring life to all her Ikebana creations. 

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