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22 April 2019 Posted by Hiroyuki Namba

Alexander Lamont started his company with the very simple aspiration: to make original and beautiful things combining uncompromisingly exquisite materials and exceptional craftsmanship. For friends of the company, we want to show our projects, experiences, inspirations and ideas as they turn into the objects, lighting and furniture that have been described as having the character of ‘things that live at the meeting point of art and design.’

PENINSULA is our latest collection of this year and draws from meditations on nature and the landscape – lines and surfaces of geology, time and the elements.   Alex’s material artistry is worked to express his vision using techniques that master and then reinvent the long-practiced traditions of the Edo and Art Deco eras. While the materials strongly evoke the natural landscape, they are applied to meticulously drawn and crafted pieces finished inside and out to the highest quality and attention to detail. Drawers are lined with pale leather and doors close and lock with seamless French bar-locks. Curving panels are perfectly wrapped in heavy brass, and feet and hardware are custom modelled, cast and patinated. Now let us take you through the wonder of the PENINSULA collection through Alex’s own words.

Aurora Low Cabinet
Dover Tansu
Acadia Low Cabinet
Hythe Tansu
Quill Side Tables
Top: Massif Coffee Table | Bottom: Medina Coffee Table
Rye Benches
Fan Ottoman
Plains Screen
Amulet Mirrors
Maluku Lamps
Left: Isthmus Sconce | Right: Mentawai Sconce

“In my mind the term ‘Peninsula’ evokes a distant, beautiful place where a finger of land extends with water on both sides. It evokes an elemental place, an ancient, scoured, eternal land, weathered by the crosswinds from different oceans that bring to its shores the tastes, fragrances, forms and materials of faraway continents. So it is that my new collection draws from meditations on nature and the landscape and from childhood memories and early impressions of the place where I grew up, of travel and of the sea.”

Landscapes of the Cornish peninsula, from which Alex drew inspiration for the collection

“Surfaces are covered in plains of bone-white eggshell, flooded with lacquer; of burnt, striated straw that has been sun-bleached to the colours of summer; of grained natural parchment stretched over contoured fields; of raw exposed shagreen reaching across a wide plateau; of shattered mica and worn stone in essential forms that connect interiors to nature.”

Lacquered eggshell in gentle rings
Layers of straw create depth and reflection
Undulating textures and striations of black marble
Natural distressed shagreen

“The ideas behind the precious objects and accessories in the Peninsula collection echo my own memories and experiences growing up: the thatched roofs of my home in England; the pebbled floor of rock pools by the sea dappled with light; the strong, vibrant and colourful impressions of a childhood journey to ancient Mexico.”

Paglia Vases
Top:Paglia Long Tray  | Bottom Left: Paglia Square Tray | Bottom Right: Paglia Low Bow
Left: Bristol Vase | Right: Bristo Tray
Left: Mantle Boxes | Right:Meso Boxes 
Orb Candleholders

“I was lucky enough to be brought up near the sea in the heart of the ancient English countryside and now I have a home on the tip of the Cornish Peninsula. With this collection I hope to bring the sculpture and romance of landscape into the home, with purposeful elements that speak boldly through their materials.”

Cornwall, the most westerly county in England, near where Alex grew up in Somerset
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