Photographer Yuna Yagi

29 April 2015 Posted by Alexander

Yuna Yagi is in certain ways the ‘face’ of our company.  She is a trained architect who practiced in New York and Berlin for many years and then returned to Japan to become a professional photographer.  Her images are how many people first experience the world of Alexander Lamont. Her exquisite eye and mastery of light have captured the sculptural forms and mysterious textures that are seen in our catalogues and web site.  Yuna’s background and empathy with form brought us together.  Oh and what a name!

Born in Kyoto to a landscape architect father and sculptress mother, her exposure to art and culture from a young age profoundly shaped her perceptiveness.  Yuna discovered that she was always drawn to the connection between forms and the mystique of nature – elements that thread themselves through both our work.

In 2012, when Yuna first worked with Alexander Lamont she used film and plenty of natural light to reach into the sculptural qualities of each piece.  With so much of our work rooted in a ‘natural’ design vocabulary where forms emerge from the work itself, the synergy between Yuna and my approach is evident in her glowing images.  Yuna instinctively illuminated the sculptural elements in individual pieces.  She applied a natural method to placing and composing that was exciting to watch. Like any artist, she is great at ‘seeing.’  She has photographed all subsequent catalogues for Alexander Lamont.  Yuna works as a freelance photographer based in Kyoto, Japan and exhibits her private work.  

In her latest exhibition entitled “ It’s A One World,” Yuna has seamlessly united her deep-rooted love of nature and architecture.  Using photographs taken during her travels, she has fused them together, relying on architectural methods, and created one that seems, more than ever before to be trying to become one world.  If you happen to be in Kyoto, do stop by. Photo exhibition at KG+ Kyoto Graphie International Photography Festival running April 17 – May 10, 2015.    

Below is a selection of some of Yuna’s work.  

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