The Trove collection

25 October 2022 Posted by Alexandra Lamont

Over the last month our Shagreen workshop has been extremely busy working on a group of decorative accessories launching this month. Named the Trove collection this group of vessels combines carved polished brass with natural Shagreen and was designed by celebrated Colombian designer Alberto Vélez and his wife, Venezuelan architect and photographer Andreina Lauria, for Alexander Lamont.  

The Trove collection explores the extraordinary qualities and possibilities of shagreen. Our  workshops have developed and perfected the complex art of working with raw, natural shagreen over decades. Shagreen or stingray skins are a natural bi-product of the South East Asian fishing industry. Continuing the extraordinary artistic legacy associated with Shagreen spanning ancient Japan, Qing Dynasty China and Art Deco France, Alexander Lamont is constantly in search of ways to apply this beautiful, tactile and luxurious material within contemporary, modern interiors whether through furniture, lighting, wall coverings or decorative objects.

A Trove is a store of valuable or delightful things, something to uncover and discover. Cast sunbursts glint above curvaceous mottled shagreen in gorgeous contemporary forms, bringing moments of intrigue and curiosity. Solid wood is precisely turned by hand and covered with raw natural shagreen to create a soft tactile experience in each piece – one of the important intentions in the design of this collection.

Joya Secrets Case

Joya means jewel in Spanish. True to its name the Joya Secrets case is a special container with a whimsical lid and handle that tempt the user to explore inside while signaling the importance of its contents. The lid is fitted with a mirror on the inside, adding a touch of intrigue to this piece.

Vela Dry Vase

Vela is candle, among other meanings, in Spanish. In fact the tall, slender vessel anchored by a substantial cast bronze base is reminiscent of a candleholder. The Vela Dry Vase is designed to hold decorative elements such as dry flowers or branches within its brass perforated opening.

Luna Coffer

Luna means moon in Spanish referring to the beautiful spherical shape of this piece. The Luna Coffer is a softly shaped box that is both gentle and substantial. A radially textured top bronze element is dished to invite a momentary placement of something precious that signals the contents inside.

Canoa Vessel

Canoa meaning canoe in Spanish refers to the elegant sloping shape of this vessel. The Canoa is a box and a vessel in one, suspended over a cast bronze base.  It is gently shaped to hold small items while also having a generous compartment inside to safeguard more precious ones.

Condor Tray

The Condor is the great bird of the Andes and it lends its name to this dynamically shaped shagreen tray fitted with generous bronze “wings” that invite engagement and use.

Alexander Lamont’s Editions Collection

The Trove collection forms part of Alexander Lamont’s Editions collection, the curated collection of decorative objects and accessories made in the Alexander Lamont workshops. These original works encompass voluptuous natural forms in bronze; sculpted vessels and candleholders lined with pure gold; deeply saturated jade-cut glass vases; boldly faceted rock crystal, and trays and boxes enveloped in unusual, exotic materials. Each object in Lamont’s Editions collection is remarkable for the force of its sculptural form, craftsmanship and aesthetic personality.

Cockle Vases – Like ancient fruit seeds or shells, with beautifully sculpted swirling forms, the Cockle vases are cast in bronze with a deep verdigree patina.

Paulia Vessel,Musa Vessel
Peking Concubine Vases
Meso Boxes
Coupé Vessels
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