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20 February 2023 Posted by Alexandra Lamont

After a quiet three-years, Bangkok is bustling again.

Many are escaping a cold winter to journey towards the warmth and sunshine of Thailand. Coming to Bangkok for the first time can be quite overwhelming such is the incredible intensity of the city. Where is the gentle Thai charm you may ask? To find it you need to be adventurous in your walks around the city: leave the big roads and explore the narrow lanes and markets tucked away from view. Here you will feel a more gentle sense of place: the noise of traffic disappears, replaced by the quieter murmur of people eating, talking, walking among beautifully displayed aromatic tables of fresh fruit and vegetables,flowers and all sorts of local cooked food.

The quiet back streets and lanes of Bangkok’s Talad Noi area

Talad Noi is one of the districts that still conjures up that gentle, bustling charm of old Bangkok. In recent years the area has become one of the most active and interesting in the city and a very popular destination for visitors as the initiatives of area such as the Bangkok Design Week taking place this month, and the Galleries Night have developed and grown. The area is full of memories for us of the early days of the business, and of the many beautiful objects that found homes from our shop in the Oriental Hotel.

The Verandah Restaurant at the Oriental Hotel is a favourite spot to take in the spectacular views of teh Chao Phraya River.

Now in the heart of Talad Noi is the Alexander Lamont Gallery and Showroom. The gallery is housed within one of the shophouses at Warehouse 30, a creatively restored group of warehouses down Soi 30 off Charoen Krung, offering a vibrant mix of local art galleries, design showrooms, contemporary jewelry stores, antique dealers and many small creative restaurants, bars and cafes.

 The Warehouse 30 group of restored warehouses houses an eclectic mix of shops and galleries

The Alexander Lamont Gallery at Warehouse 30 offers a tranquil space where you can view our furniture and lighting collections on the second floor, and take your time to browse among the soulful, handcrafted gifts and accessories in the downstairs gallery. Here you will find limited edition collections from the Alexander Lamont Studio – rare objects and the latest expressions of our signature materials: lost wax cast bronze, natural lacquer, eggshell inlay, straw marquetry and shagreen.

The Alexander Lamont Gallery offers a tranquil soulful, space

To celebrate the New Year we introduced a special piece from the Alexander Lamont Studio: Siamese Rabbit is cast in a rich dark bronze patina to make a charming gift for the season, a beautiful object for the desk or vanity that is warm and smooth when held in the hands. The rabbit is a symbol of wit, prudence and skill, of abundance and good fortune and so it is a most fitting offering to acknowledge our human resilience and to celebrate the return of friends old and new to the bustling heart of a wonderful city.

If you are in Bangkok make sure you visit Talad Noi and drop into our gallery. Or you can visit our online Gift Shop at https://giftshop.alexanderlamont.com/.

See you soon!

Siamese Rabbit seen here alongside the larger Bronze Rabbit – both available from our online gift shop
  Bangkok’s famous China town known as Yaowarat
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