Beautiful Boxes

Beautiful Boxes
December 3,2013
Posted by Alexandra

A beautiful box naturally piques our curiosity. We want to reach out and lift the lid to discover what it conceals inside: what is it that is so precious that it must be kept hidden from our eyes? Boxes are the jewellery of the cabinet-maker’s art. They require as much skill, precision, artistry and attention to detail as a fine cabinet. Our boxes are made by artisans in our Bangkok workshops. Constructed from teakwood or oak each box has been adorned with Alexander Lamont's signature materials: rich opium lacquer, delicate straw marquetry inlay, textured shagreen and unexpected slices of gold. These boxes are as precious as any objects we may choose to keep inside them.


alexander lamont shagreen white moon pure gold leaf white gold chop boxes

Top view highlighting the beaded shagreen surfaces of the Chop Box collection.


alexander lamont shagreen lacquer gold leaf teakwood conique box

The Conique Box inspired by the elegant jewellery boxes of Java.


alexander lamont straw marquetry box Seine collection

The Seine Box collection is crafted from cerused oak and inlaid with straw marquetry.


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