Gilded Bronze

Gilded Bronze
March 23,2016
Posted by Alexander

We have written recently about the making of gold leaf and about the lost-wax bronze casting method we employ, this week we bring them together to highlight our gilded bronze signature look that has won us recognition for original design in the press and interior projects.


The Gilded Hammered Bowls are icons of the simple design principles that drive the company here but we have gone on to create many other designs made of bronze and gold. The designs literally reflect themselves to create a wonderful rich tone stronger than any flame within.  


Alexander Lamont Hammered Bowls in bronze and gold leaf

Hammered Bowls


Our Fire Vessel collection has three items and was created to bring strong sculptural textures with an outer surface that is both rough and ancient. As lighting elements these features bring an authentic glamour and warmth to homes. These are products that have an enduring quality and lasting value as fine examples of the best of contemporary design using old world textures and materials.


Alexander Lamont Fire Vessels in bronze and gold leaf

The powerfully tactile and glowing Fire Vessels.


Open weave vessel in bronze and gold leaf by Alexander Lamont

Overlapping bamboo-inspired fronds of patinated bronze create our Open Weave vessel that reflects the golden glow from within.


Horn of Abundance in bronze and gold leaf by Alexander Lamont

Horn of Abundance - the gently curving form is modern but exudes a spirit of antiquity.  Dark smooth patina with gold leaf interior.


Gilded scallops in bronze and gold leaf by Alexander Lamont

Gilded scallops –small and with a smooth bronze finish they illuminate any tabletop.

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