Alexander Lamont Lagoon Tray in black palmwood and bronze
March 22, 2017
Trays present an alluring design opportunity. They sit like framed art on horizontal surfaces with their hardware and their cool surface space. MoreRead more
Alexander Lamont Ruche Lantern
February 16, 2017
Over the years, we have created many designs for our lighting collection using materials that I love and forms that will last forever. Good lighting canRead more
Vault Bench by Alexander Lamont
February 2, 2017
Functional yet sculptural. Delicate but strong. Simple yet complex. Complimentary opposites Alexander explored designing the Vault Bench. Its name derives fromRead more
Bronzed shagreen custom project by Alexander Lamont
December 31, 2016
One side to our business that we haven't shared a lot about on this blog is our custom, bespoke work. Over the years we have shared material expertise andRead more
Alexander Lamont Limited Edition Tissue Box Collection
September 9, 2016
This fall Alexander Lamont presents a Limited Edition collection of handcrafted tissue boxes wrapped in their signature materials of shagreen, parchment andRead more
Umbra Vases in bronze by Alexander Lamont
August 18, 2016
The Umbra Vase group were originally inspired by the shadows created by celestial bodies such as planets or the moon. The shadow behind these bodies floatingRead more
Alexander Lamont making the Reef Boxes
August 4, 2016
Last blog post we presented the new Editions Spring 2016 collection. In the coming weeks we will write more about the story behind the individual pieces, theRead more
Alexander Lamont Reef Boxes in bronze from Spring 2016 Editions Collection
July 27, 2016
The objects in the Spring 2016 collection are sculptural elements that were largely derived from different ideas of energy - pressure, harnessing, slicing,Read more
Alexander Lamont trade showroom Bangkok
June 15, 2016
The new Spring 2016 Collection is the largest Alexander has designed with close to 40 original pieces comprised of furniture, lighting and accessories.  Read more
Jackfruit inspired bronze vessel by Alexander Lamont
January 27, 2016
In our search for textures that exude sculptural richness and tactile interest, nature is our biggest influence. We cannot improve upon the rough bark of aRead more