Lotus Leaf Vessel in bronze by Alexander Lamont
October 28, 2015
This week I have something different for you, a short story. It’s about the life and death and rebirth of a lotus leaf.  There was once a lotusRead more
Alexander Lamont straw marquetry wall panels
September 30, 2015
Alexander Lamont is excited to be launching the Fall 2015 collection of Le Mur wall panels this month. Building on the 2014 Le Mur Read more
Group of Khmer rice-cutters raised on bronze stands
September 2, 2015
For collectors of all persuasions, it is generally recognized that a key part of the equation of collecting is knowing how best to display cherished pieces.Read more
Canister Lamp in shagreen and bronze by Alexander Lamont
May 27, 2015
The Canister Lamp is a striking contemporary sculptural light that excels at re-interpreting the use of shagreen and in combining this lustrous naturalRead more
Wall Sconces by Alexander Lamont
April 15, 2015
This spring we have added four new wall sconce designs to our lighting collection.  Proper lighting is essential in creating the atmosphere and feel for aRead more
Alexander Lamont parchment coasters and burnt wood box
March 11, 2015
"People hang their pictures high up on the walls, but they place their objects for everyday use close to them and take them in their hands." - SoetsuRead more
Alexander Lamont jewellery inspired furniture
February 4, 2015
Jewellery is a strong source of inspiration for the pieces I make. There is an intricacy in design and an appreciation for shape and materials in foundRead more
Alexander Lamont lacquer and crackled gesso Canoe Vessel
January 14, 2015
How to create sensual, langorous expression in the form of a bowl used for entertaining or admiring?  It was Charles Eames who said, “TheRead more
Alexander Lamont Black Orchid bronze and gold leaf wall sconce
December 24, 2014
As we prepared this blog entry we learned that the wall sconce from our new Black Orchid collection is featured in the current issue of the American magazine,Read more
Alexander Lamont Le Mur Wall Paneling in Straw Marquetry
June 12, 2014
In  June 2014, we presented our first limited wall covering collection Le Mur using two signature materials - straw marquetry and shagreen.  TheRead more