An Englishwoman in New York – Alexander Lamont in America

8 March 2017 Posted by Marion

This January marked 4 years since our brand was first represented by Angela Brown LTD in New York. Our formal debut in the US, Angela has been a sophisticated guide and partner in this most important and demanding interiors market. Elsewhere in the US we are represented in Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas by Jean de Merry, in Miami by Ed’it Showroom and in Las Vegas by M | R Design Lab.

Angela Brown showroom in Manhattan.

Angela Brown has 25 years experience working in interior design in New York. Her company represents many of the most beautiful textiles, wall coverings, art and accessories available – lines that she and her team curate for the great elusive interior designers and architects of New York City and the Tri-State area. Alexander Lamont is one of only two furniture lines that she represents.

We met Angela in 2012. She was not looking for new lines but saw in the textures and layers of our craftsmanship and surfaces a company that she wanted to bring to New York. She loves depth and vitality in woven textiles – qualities she rarely finds in furniture. When she heard our story, saw our collections of furniture and lighting and touched our varied hand-worked natural materials, the plan for New York was discussed. We share an approach to authenticity and quality – in the products we deliver and in the service we give to our clients. There are no harder task-masters than the designers of New York, offering a bespoke, often hand-drawn level of experience and subtlety in their interiors. Angela Brown Ltd. has built its reputation on meeting the demands of these painters of space and wanted to partner only with companies who worked at this level.

Angela is a master in the art of service. She assembles her presentations to clients with meticulous care and a brilliant eye for the colours and textural nuances of each project. It was this personal attention to detail and Angela’s burning passion for quality and design innovation that lead Alexander to quickly decide that a perfect partner had been found; someone who would be the voice for our design vision in the Big Apple. They are two English people living far from their country of birth, both delivering imaginative creativity and craftsmanship to very beautiful interiors.  

The Angela Brown LTD. studio is a working space where designers can visit, located on West 27th Street, just beside New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). 

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