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16 February 2017 Posted by Alexander

Over the years, we have created many designs for our lighting collection using materials that I love and forms that will last forever. Good lighting can transform a room and with it the evening and life itself. Shagreen, bronze, lacquer, gold leaf, parchment and thick blown glass are some of the materials we use to make table lamps, sconces, lanterns and floor lamps in sculptural, modern, textured forms. For shades I use cool linens, parchment and shagreen.

Fondre Table Lamp in opium lacquer shagreen and parchment shade.

What you may not know is that we are one of very few companies in Thailand who are certified to electrify lamps to UL and CE standards. Fires, electric shocks and even explosions can easily happen if a lamp is not wired properly by skilled workers. Every Alexander Lamont lamp has to pass a number of tests before they can leave our workshop: from checking the interior for any rough edges, using only CE /UL certified components throughout the piece which often means importing them, using pre-fitted electrical cords, checking that each lamp can handle a huge energy surge and so on, the lamp must pass all the stages of testing before we can affix the CE label.

Labellum Sconce inspired by the beauty and structure of rare orchids. Bronze and gold leaf.

In the US and Europe, UL or CE standards are not a legal requirement for selling lamps to domestic buyers, although in Europe CE is a requirement for importation. But they are a gold standard of safety assurance that is preferred by every good vendor and it’s often a requirement for any hospitality or public building. In addition to our own rigorous in house electrical testing, every one of our lighting products has been submitted to an internationally recognized lab to be independently tested. This is done to ensure that all our products are completely safe and meet the strict CE standard. This same testing is applied to every new lighting product that is added to our collection. Below is a small selection of our designs, you can see the entire collection here.

Archer Sconce in rich sculpted bronze and shagreen shade lined in gold leaf.
The dramatic textures and sculptural drama of the Ruche Lantern, lost wax bronze and linen shade.
Poetry in lighting, Castries Table Lamp, has raised cast brass text circles of Derek Walcott’s poem, “Love After Love.”
A sunburst of straw marquetry at the base catches and reflects the light from the elliptical linen shade above, Inlet Table Lamp.
Moulin Floor Lamp is a play of movement, tension and texture creating a sculptural yet whimsical floor lamp.  
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